xmitgcm is compatible with python 3 and python 2.7. It requires xarray (>= version 0.8.2) and dask (>= version 0.11.2). These packages are most reliably installed via the conda environment management system, which is part of the Anaconda python distribution. Assuming you have conda available on your system, the dependencies can be installed with the command:

conda install xarray dask

If you are using earlier versions of these packages, you should update before installing xmitgcm.

Installation via conda

If you just want to use xmitgcm, anaconda users can install with:

conda install -c conda-forge xmitgcm

This will install the latest conda-forge build.

Installation via pip

Alternatively, xmitgcm can be installed via pip:

pip install xmitgcm

This will automatically install the latest release from pypi.

Installation from github

xmitgcm is under active development. To obtain the latest development version, you may clone the source repository and install it:

git clone
cd xmitgcm
python install

Users are encouraged to fork xmitgcm and submit issues _ and pull requests.

Running the test suite

To run the unit tests in installation from github, run inside xmitgcm directory:

py.test -v xmitgcm

The test data is stored on figshare and will be downloaded locally. You can choose the target directory by setting up the XMITGCM_TESTDATA environment variable in the shell, otherwise it will install in $HOME/.xmitgcm-test-data